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About Us

Our Health Mission

Crypto Health Plus COIN- Today’s  global healthcare reflects a deep concern that countries and leaders  are failing to invest enough resources in core health priorities and systems. This puts lives, livelihoods and economies in jeopardy around the world. This means advocating for funding to address gaps in health systems and health infrastructure, as well as providing support to the  most vulnerable countries. Investing now will save lives – and money –  later. The cost of doing nothing is one we cannot afford. None of these  issues are simple to address, but they are within reach

Purpose and Problems it will solve

The express purpose of the  Crypto Health Plus Coin is to solve these global healthcare challenges. It will significantly reduce the cost of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and insurance globally. The Crypto Health Plus Coin recognizes that  health is an investment in the future.  Countries invest heavily in  protecting their people from terrorist attacks, but not against the  attack of a virus, which was proven by the COVID-19 virus, is far more  deadly, and far more damaging economically and socially. A pandemic, as  we have seen, has brought economies and nations to their knees. Which is  why health security cannot be taken as a matter for ministries of  health alone.

Taking Healthcare into your own hands

From the moment you are born into this life, decisions about your health will be completely out of your control. Regardless of age, race, color, or socioeconomic status, there are other people, like the government or big agencies, who most likely don’t know a thing about you, and who are deciding the fate of your wellbeing.  This is a common theme across all nations, whether you live in a 3rd world country or one considered to have the best health care. People are making decisions about your health based on their profitability margins. 

Crypto Health Plus gives each individual complete control over their healthcare. No longer can the government, big agencies, or anybody else dictate how you manage your health and well-being. You get to make your own choices about providers, payment, prescriptions, privileges, and your portal information. It’s all about you!

What Will CHP Do?

The Crypto Health Plus Wallet & Portal is a user friendly decentralized

medical portal that stores real time updated medical information such

as vitals, insurance, or coin, allergies, problems, immunizations, test

results, pharmaceuticals and prescription refills, Labs, X-rays, Surgeries,

referrals Health log, etc. It is a complete medical profile that is specific

and centralized to each person with every doctor rather than with each

individualized doctor. This would allow a patient to keep ahead of

his/her healthcare needs. It will also make doctors and healthcare

professionals more efficient and save time, which ultimately will save lives.


Doctors and healthcare professionals will be able to be on top of everything concerning a person’s healthcare needs. Everyone hates to have to login to several portals, remembering usernames and passwords. This causes medical information to be fragmented and confusing and hard to locate especially for the elderly. The Crypto Health Plus Wallet & Portal is the way of the future. A person would have his medical information available at his/her fingertips with easy, fast and efficient access. When a person visits his Doctor, there are easy check-in records for Telehealth visits. Reminders for RX refills and appointments. The Crypto Health Plus Wallet & Portal is streamlined. Ultimately, it will be able to connect to the Internet with smart devices such as Phones, Watches-Clothes w/pulse monitors. It is up to date in real time.


As such, it will save lives to have all the information in one centralized location. Healthcare professionals will become more efficient and save lots of time. It will solve many problems that fragmented portals create. The Crypto Health Plus Wallet & Portal combined with the Crypto Health Plus Coin will work together creating a new path for global healthcare needs.

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