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& Portal

Crypto Health Plus Wallet & Portal

It  is  a  one  stop  service  for  your  medical  needs. A user-friendly centralized medical portal that stores real time  updated  medical  information  such  as  vitals,  insurance,  or  coin,  allergies,  problems, immunizations,  test  results,  pharmaceuticals  and  prescription  refills,  Labs,  Xray’s,  Surgeries, referrals, Health log,  etc. It is a complete medical profile that is specific and centralized to each person with every doctor rather than with each individualized doctor. This would allow a patient to keep ahead of his/her healthcare needs. It also significantly aids doctors and healthcare professionals in their efficiency and time, which ultimately will save lives.


The Crypto Health Plus Wallet & Portal is streamlined. Ultimately, it will be able to connect to the Internet with smart devices such as Phones, Watches -Clothes w/pulse monitors. It is up to date in real time. As such, it will save lives to have all the information in one centralized location. Healthcare professionals will become more efficient and  save lots  of  time.  It  will  solve  many  problems  that  fragmented portals  create. The Crypto Health Plus Wallet & Portal combined with the Crypto Health Plus Coin will work together creating a new path for global healthcare needs.

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