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Crypto Health Plus Coin Page

Utilizing Crypto & Blockchain Technologies to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and insurance globally. Crypto Health Plus is a “SPL” token built on the Solana network because it is the fastest blockchain in the world, built for global adoption, and scalability, which ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 for all users. Blockchain technology has the potential to address the interoperability challenges currently present in health IT systems and to be the technical standard that enables individuals, health care providers, health care entities and medical researchers to securely share electronic health data.


Comparative  to  Bitcoin  and  other  Alt  Coins,  the  price  of  the  coin  is  simply determined by the demand by consumers. This is because of the supply being fixed. Understanding the fixation of the supply, we then simply understand that the demand drives the price. Although we can not determine the price moving forward, we want our investors to understand there will be no manipulation or corruption with this coin.

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