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Crypto Health Plus Coin Distribution


Crypto Health Plus Coin Distribution

We believe that by having a fixed number of coins this will allow for no manipulation of the coins. After looking at the limited supply of bitcoin and the scarcity, we decided to start with 1 billion CHP at a starting price of .0001. The reason we started at this very affordable starting price is to make sure there is enough CHP for everyone to take advantage of all the benefits. As cryptocurrency continues to evolve, we will make partnerships with the blockchain of current times.  However, for the current sake of CHP, we will be going through the Solana blockchain. This will allow the general public to be able to invest in their healthcare. As demand continues to increase, so will the price of the CHP token. The distribution of tokens is as follows: 24% or 240,000,000 tokens will be in a team fund to ensure adequate funding during the start of the operation; 2% or 20,000,000 tokens will be used as a marketing fund to spread the word of this innovative healthcare funding strategy; 2% or 20,000,000 tokens will be used for the developers;7% or 70,000,000  to form partnerships to ensure a  working coin and continuous growth of the coin; and 15% or 150,000,000 tokens will be used for a presale to give investors  the  opportunity  to  hop in  early.  Lastly, I   will conclude by saying that we are not a blockchain so the explanation of hashing, blocking, etc. does not pertain to us.

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