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Healthcare gaps filled by Crypto Health Plus:

From revolutionary improvements to its costs, healthcare is one of the most discussed and politicized topics across the world. People simply just want to feel recognized, safe, secure, and heard. That is Crypto Health Plus. We have listened to the screams for help and we have studied the current problems with healthcare. Before the emergence of decentralization, we didn’t believe there would be a discovery to revolutionize the system. However, the time has come and we believe we can fill 5 gaps in the healthcare industry: Preventable Medical Errors & Fraud, Poor Amenable Mortality Rates, Lack of Transparency, High Healthcare Costs, and Lack of Insurance Coverage. We strongly believe by providing an efficient, decentralized, and universal healthcare portal we can fill these gaps.

Today, roughly 10% of all U.S deaths occur due to medical errors and lack of access to previous health information. Providing an efficient, decentralized, and universal healthcare portal would ultimately reduce fraud, lower mortality rates, and increase transparency in the healthcare industry. Also, in hopes of appreciation of our coin, we believe our coin could act similar to an HSA. With this potential for appreciation, we believe we could help individuals fill the gap of increasing medical costs and lack of coverage. To conclude, everyone apart of this team believes in this project. Currently being in the developmental stage it can be hard to see the future/vision of the coin. However, with relentless work and strong determination to help individuals in need, CHP will help revolutionize the healthcare industry in a way that helps the average individual with their healthcare needs.

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