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Welcome to Crypto Health Plus Airdrop!

Here's Your Chance to Receive 1000 CHP Coins

Tasks to Complete 🎊🎊

In order to QUALIFY and receive 1,000 CHP (out of the 100,000 total) airdrop, you need to complete at least three (3) the following tasks:

1) Like and Share to three (3) of your friends on Facebook ( );

2) Follow, Retweet, and Tag 3 People on Twitter ( );

3) Follow and Like on TikTok (;

4) Join us on Discord ( ); or

5) Follow, Like, and Share on Instagram ( ).

Enter now to get started

To finish enrollment information along with your Coin, Drop task, please provide the info below.

IMPORTANT!!! Winners need to have a SOL Wallet to receive their CHP Coins.

Crypto Health Plus – Airdrop Enrollment Information Form: FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!!

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