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What is Crypto Health Plus

What is Crypto Health Plus? The world's first decentralized Healthcare Portal of its kind. Crypto Health Plus is the solution to the global healthcare challenges, letting you take healthcare into your own hands. It is a one stop service for your medical needs. A user-friendly centralized medical portal that stores real time updated medical information such as vitals, insurance, allergies, problems, immunizations, test results, pharmaceuticals and prescription refills, Labs, Xray’s, Surgeries, referrals, Health log, etc. It is a complete life-time medical profile that is specific and centralized to each person with every doctor rather than with each individualized doctor. This would allow a patient to keep ahead of his/her healthcare needs. It also significantly aids doctors and healthcare professionals in their efficiency and time, which ultimately will save lives. Utilizing Crypto, AI, & Blockchain Technologies for transparency to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and insurance globally. Crypto Health Plus is a “SPL” token built on the Solana network because it is the fastest blockchain in the world, built for global adoption, and scalability, which ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 for all users. Blockchain technology and AI has the potential to address the interoperability challenges currently present in health IT systems and to be the technical standard that enables individuals, health care providers, health care entities and medical researchers to securely share electronic health data. To learn more:

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